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In most cases, Trashed Skip Bins are able to provide same day hire and delivery of our Skips upon ordering with us. Where this is not possible, we guarantee delivery for the next day,* so our customers never have to wait.

There is no need for you to be home when we deliver your Bin, we're confident your clear directions and/or marking will enable us to place it at your preferred drop point.

*excludes some public holidays

We hire our Skips for a standard period of 7 days. We've found a 7 day hire timeframe suits most of our customers needs, but we are happy to negotiate alternative hire periods where required.

Trashed Skip Bins understands that customers' needs and circumstances regarding waste disposal vary, so we have designed our service and hire conditions to match. It's easy to arrange for either longer or shorter hire periods - just ask us!

We have a great truck and a great driver, so access is usually not a problem. In fact, we often go where others fear to tread! Our beautiful countryside has presented us with some interesting access challenges but Trashed Skip Bins has not been beaten yet!

As long as the entrance to your property is not less than 2.4metres/8 feet wide (the width of our truck) we should be able to get your bin to where you want it.

drop point
Our crane arm system allows for optimal placement of your hired Trashed Skip Bin. Jason will discus with you options regarding a drop point for your Bin and determine your preferred placement.

skip bin sizes
Our well maintained, quality Trashed Skip Bins are available in two handy sizes - 2 cubic metres and 3 cubic metres. Trashed Skip Bins can be ordered in single, multiple or combination sets, so our customers are offered unmatched flexibility and maximal capacity in waste disposal.

Please see below for height, length and width dimensions.

skip bin capacity
One of the most common questions our customers ask is how much waste they can expect to fit into a hired Trashed Skip Bin. We've found the best way to explain the likely capacity of our Bins is to compare them against other commonly used waste removal methods such as black garbage bags or 6x4 trailers.

The diagram below offers an approximate capacity guide for each size Skip Bin:

To avoid choosing a bin which is too big for your needs and therefore overpaying for your service, or too small for your needs and then finding you need to order another at extra time and expense, it's important to think carefully about how much waste you have to remove.

You can then select an appropriate Skip capacity (or combination of Skips) so you only pay for what you really do need to remove.

Customer satisfaction is important to us at Trashed Skip Bins. We want to make sure our customers have access to the waste disposal capacity they need, and that they only pay for the capacity they actually use. Our flexibile service means we can often provide the convenience of a free 'back-up' Bin, which can be filled if needed under a pay-as-you-use charge rate.

tips for filling your Trashed Skip Bin
To get the most value from your Trashed Skip Bin, we suggest you fill any hollow items (eg -washing machines, drawers, microwaves etc) with other waste. This maximises the capacity
of your hired Skip Bin and enables you to fit more in!

Also, it's a good idea to place soft or lightweight objects on the bottom of your Trashed Skip Bin as these will be compacted by heavier items placed on top. This again creates more room in the Skip for disposal and ensures Trashed Skip Bins customers receive the best value possible!

Trashed Skip Bins aims to remain flexible in meeting our customers waste removal needs wherever we can, but when Skip Bins are significantly overfilled (above top level) they cannot be safely or legally transported.

Please ensure your Bin is not overfilled as this may result in the removal of items which will be left (as neatly as possible) at the site.

We enjoy talking with our customers about their individual skip bin hire requirements, so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

we are just a friendly phone call away

need help filling your skip?
Sometimes our customers can do with an extra hand in filling their hired Skip Bin, perhaps due to physical limitations, lack of time, unforeseen circumstances or various other reasons. Jason is available for help/hire in these cases, so please feel free to ask him about this, Trashed Skip Bins is happy to extend our service in this way to those who may need it.

Waste Categories
Trashed Skip Bins have a simplified hire pricing scheme based on the following three waste categories:

Green Waste*
Includes organic waste such as:

? tree and bush prunings ? tree branches ? small logs/trunks up to 500 mm in diameter
? bushes, shrubs and tree refuse ? wood and bark chips etc ?

*no man made products like fences, chipboard, masonite etc

General Waste*
Includes General household waste such as:

? white goods ?
clothing ? toys ? bicycles ? furniture ? carpet etc
renovation waste ? timber ? fence palings etc ? any Green Waste as described above ?
* can include approx 1 - 2 wheelbarrow loads of bricks, concrete or soil

Builders Waste*
Includes Builders waste such as:

? bricks/mortar, concrete, dirt, clay** ? timber ? steel ? tiles ? plaster ?any General Waste as described above ? any Green Waste as described above ?
** maximum 1/4 of skip only can be filled with either one or a combination of these materials

Trashed Skip Bin Hire prices include:
    • all Skip Delivery Charges
    • all Skip Pickup Charges
    • all Tipping Fees
Our price is low and all-inclusive, with no hidden costs or nasty surprises for our customers. We intend to continue to satisfy our local customers within South Gippsland and the Bass Coast with great competitive rates and excellent service, so we'll keep our prices as low as possible and our business as helpful as we absolutely can.

Please inquire with us about Trashed Skip Bins hire prices, we're positive we'll be able to offer you a great deal to suit your needs.

builders/commercial clients
Builders and commercial clients who make use of our services regularly will benefit from the flexibility, immediacy and efficiency offered by Trashed Skip Bins.

We provide our Builders and commercial clients with on-demand service, flexible conditions and negotiable terms, meaning they can rely on a customised rubbish removal service that works along with them as they do.

We are happy to operate accounts and organise scheduled delivery and pick-ups as required for Trashed Skip Bins commercial and Industry customers. Please contact us for more details!