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Scrap Metal Service
Trashed Skip Bins is committed to providing a convenient and cost-effective scrap metal removal service for our customers across South Gippsland and the Bass Coast.

Disposing of metal can be a difficult, time-consuming and confusing process. We want to save our customers the frustration of bulky metal cartage and obscure metal prices by offering a simple, one-step, reliable solution to the removal of unsightly and often dangerous metal waste from personal properties and work sites.

For one low fee, you can hire a Trashed scrap metal Bin to fill with metal items ONLY. We then handle the removal, cartage and disposal of your metal waste for you, making the process a safe and hassle-free experience.

We hire out our scrap metal Trashed Bins on a long term basis, so you'll have plenty of time to complete your metal clean-up. And if you have any metal items which are too heavy to lift into a Bin, the Trashed Truck's mighty crane arm can do that for you on pick-up!

What can you put in a Trashed scrap metal Bin?
All types of metal (both ferrous and non-ferrous) can be placed into a Trashed scrap metal Bin.

We are often asked by customers if items with non-metal parts (such as rubber stoppers or plastic wheels for example) are allowed to go into a metal Bin. In most cases, the answer is yes!

We have found a good rule of thumb to go by is this -
if it's %90 metal, throw it in.

Some metal items commonly disposed of include:
  • various white goods
  • lawn mowers/whipper snippers
  • car parts
  • motorbikes
  • sinks
  • bicycles
  • corrugated iron
  • fencing/farming wire
  • steel pipe
  • industry off-cuts

Please note, Trashed will collect any car or truck batteries left beside a Trashed Skip Bin free of charge. We ask that you do not place these inside our Bins for safety reasons, thanks!

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